Happy August Monday

Good day to you all!  I wanted to share a little bit of the interior of Country Mouse House since I FINISHED CROCHETING THE CURTAIN TIEBACKS!!!

photo (53)


So….I had to shorten just one pair of the curtains since the one window was just a tad smaller than the rest.  I got out my Mom’s old sewing machine.  It is the machine I learned on, and it is just as trusty, rugged, and consistent as ever:

photo 3 (23)


It’s a plain straight-stitch machine.  It has a button-hole attachment, which also still works.

And now, here is a peek at my cute little living room in Country Mouse House, complete with curtains and tiebacks:

photo 2 (30)

The flag throw blanket came from my Mom’s house, as did the little table(covered in lace), which my Grandfather built.

photo 1 (30)

Everyone in the world loves to sit in the chair-it reclines.  I can’t tell you how many family members and friends get comfy in that chair and doze off!

The garden is full to bursting.  We can’t seem to harvest the bounty fast enough.  I am very thankful for the gifts of the garden!  To be continued…


More fixin’

One day, a child’s very fancy, schmancy backpack

photo (28)

had a broken zipper.

photo (27)

You see, the slider had come clean off.  What was I to do?  To replace this backpack would cost a Pretty Penny!  It was not very old and it was loved by its owner.  I looked up “Zipper Parts” on the internet, but was not sure I could do what needed to be done, so our local, very cute Button-and-Notion shop in town was where I headed.  First, the kind lady in the shop tried to fit the piece in place, but kept saying, “This is not going to work.  This is not going to work.”  But, her partner saved the day.  (You see, her expertise was buttons, his expertise was zippers.)  With a nifty, plier-like tool, he removed some of the teeth, plus added stops on both ends, AND put the new slider/pull in place!  All I had to do was stitch the ripped part!  He charged me $10!  Far less than the cost of a new backpack.

I used Dual Duty thread so the hold would be extra-strong:

photo 1 (5)

(Drum roll)  And now for the finished product close-up:

photo 2 (5)

Beautiful – I hope it lasts!

Still organizing, throwing out junk, donating less junky-junk to charity, and putting things back in their places.  Gotta make room for the mini-greenhouse so I can start my seeds indoors!