Armoire Update and Vegan Adventure

I am not finished yet, but that’s because the one door needs some TLC:

photo 5 (15)


It’s upside down.  That gap at the “top” is really at the bottom.  So…I had some wood cut to (sort of) fit:

photo 4 (24)

I needed to glue it and clamp it:

photo 3 (31)


But then, there was a problem.  There was nothing to “grab” it from the back.  See the other door from the inner side:

photo 2 (43)


(Note the Not-So-Itsy-Bitsy Spider)  There is another piece of wood on this side, as you can see, held in place with those little flat brackets in the corners.  So far, I only have the back piece glued.  I will install the little brackets next go-around.  But, in order to get the wood to the right size, I had to saw it a little:

photo 1 (42)


It took awhile to figure out the best way to rig it so I could cut it evenly.  But I finally did it!

photo 5 (16)


That cute little saw was all I needed!

Here is what it looks like from the back all glued and clamped:

photo 3 (32)


I found this rusty old hook which I plan to clean up and paint to use just inside the door:

photo 1 (44)


It’s amazing what lurks underneath the dirt on a barn floor!  I am really looking forward to getting to the end of this project!  I picked the paint color – “Grey Timber Wolf” by Benjamin Moore Paint.

Meanwhile, another Vegan Adventure:

photo 1 (45)


This was an intense salad made with home-grown beets, asparagus, and chock full of other good things.  The recipe is in the book from my previous post, “Delicious and Nutritious.”

Have a delicious and nutritious day!



Before Wenz Day is over…

DIY in progress at Town Mouse House – I am trying to give our Laundry/Mud Room a face lift.  Stage One is underway.  I am painting the stair railing.  What?  Paint wood?  YES!  It must coordinate with the wrought iron railing in the front part of the house, which is black and white(pardon the sneakers):

photo 2 (26)


Now the wood railing(this is what it looks like on wash day):

photo 4 (15)


photo 2 (29)

Won’t that look better with a fresh coat of paint?  Here it is with a coat of primer:

photo 2 (25)photo 1 (25)


The other things to do in here include painting the walls and trim and devising a better system for organization.

To be continued….

As a bonus, here is this year’s picture of the gorgeous waterfall up by Country Mouse House:

image (34)


Hope you are having a lovely summer and getting a few projects done!



Sometimes the smallest change can make a big impact.  My Town Mouse Fireplace has bothered me since 1997, when we bought the house.  There was a brass-plated strip on it that stuck out like a sore thumb:

CIMG2471Here it is up close:


Not very pretty…also, the bricks and mortar was looking pretty dingy, so I remembered Sabrina Soto, from HGTV, used spray-foam bathroom cleaner to clean bricks on a fireplace, so….


And let’s not forget the stone hearth:


These steps alone vastly improved the look of the fireplace.


It was then my intention to brush the paint on the brass-plate, which I first washed off with a bit of Dawn and some water.  It did not go as smoothly as I had planned.  I used “High Heat Rustoleum” in Black:


Fortunately, I had some in the spray form:


(I have previously used this paint on the wood-burning stoves at Country Mouse House)

I had to get creative with painter’s tape and trash bags.  Then I roughed the surface a tiny bit with sandpaper and then steel wool.  Here are the results, one coat at a time(I didn’t take photos after every coat.  There were a total of about 8 thin coats):





CIMG2492 CIMG2493

I love it!  I hope you do, too.  It didn’t take all that long, leaving me time in the day to paint something else….



Front Doorz

Chapter One – “To Paint or Not To Paint”

Here is a picture of the front door at Country Mouse House:


I believe that the paint that is on there is the original paint.  We added the deadbolt, but the key hole just below the knob still functions(both indoors and out), and we actually have that key and use it!

Over time, settling has occurred.  The door looks a little crooked, but then, that’s because it IS crooked!  (So is the house.)

A friend suggested washing it as best as we can, then maybe just a coat of varnish to seal it and preserve the “character”…..that’s the word we use a lot when our home is older than we ourselves are!

I want to call Nicole Curtis and ask her advice!  What do you think?

(Note – I have removed part of this post since we have moved our “Town Mouse” residence.  There will be more posts about changes to “Country Mouse” house soon)