Friday with Finn

Hello again!  We have been swallowing plaster dust due to a repair that has been ongoing at Town Mouse House.  A leaky roof caused a bubbly ceiling and wall, which led to ripping out wallboard, etc.  The roof needs to be repaired, but no one can get up there while there are ice dams forming everyday.  What a winter!

Since this is a rental apartment, we have no say in the order of how things are done.  They just sealed up the ceiling without having repaired the roof.  The good news is, since we don’t own it, it isn’t our financial headache.  We just have to eat the dust for awhile.

Since it’s Friday, though, I thought I would post a smiling dog photo or two:


And here is one where you can see his eyes a little better:



Finn lights up our lives every day!  I didn’t want to post the ceiling photos because they just are not very much fun.  Besides, wouldn’t you rather look at photos of a very sweet, cute pup?  I know I would!

Have a great weekend!


Best Friend

There is a certain someone who is everyone’s best friend in our house, and his name is Finn.  He will turn 3 years old in a couple of months.


Finn is a Cairn Terrier, just like “Toto” in “The Wizard of Oz”.  He loves the outdoors and he loves all living beings. He hangs out with us as much as possible.  Finn also believes that every Frisbee belongs to him, so if you just want a private, human game of  Frisbee, it could hurt his feelings.DSC02133

Sometimes, Finn is the boss.  I really wanted to wash my sheets, but in no uncertain terms, Finn told me I had to wait.


Finn also does Yoga.  Shown here in the “Downward Facing Dog” posture:


His favorite Yoga posture is “Corpse” posture, or “Shavasana”:


And, as I said, he is everyone’s best friend.  Always happy to see us, there is nothing like the love of our sweet dog!


Thank you, Finn, for choosing us to be your family! 🙂

Have a wonderful day!