A new bed for our Master Bedroom arrived yesterday.  We have it at Town Mouse House, but eventually it will reside at Country Mouse House, when we are there full time.  Our old bed frame will go into the room that will become our guest room up there(Country).  That room is currently the Country Mouse House Master Bedroom.  We will, in all likelihood, create a Master Bedroom on the main floor when we move up full time.  The thought of fewer stairs to climb as we age has a certain appeal.

Here is the “old” bed.  We have had this bed for about 27 of our nearly 28 years of marriage:




Here’s the reminder that I’m originally from Maryland:



Now, this bed is not a bad bed.  As I stated earlier, it has been with us a long time.  That is why we are not getting rid of it.  It will definitely go to good use.  The new bed is a much better use of space, and it has the real country farmhouse look I am going for:





If you like the look of this bed, it is currently on sale here:


And here, one more time, is the Before:





Sweet dreams!