photo 1 (38)


Above is a sampling of this week’s harvest!  So is below:

photo (64)

What to do?  Well, first I took some tomatoes, shallots, and parsley and made some salsa:

photo 2 (41)


Then I got the kale washed, seasoned and ready to make into kale chips:

photo 1 (40)


After roasting in the oven:

photo 1 (39)


Then I had to roast some cauliflower.  This had purple tinges:

photo 3 (30)


Then came the eggplant parmesan:

Before baking:

photo 4 (23)


After baking:

photo 2 (40)

Now for the zucchini:

photo (65)


I recently watched a cooking show that created this marvelous-looking concoction, but I can’t remember all the ingredients used.  I did my best, so here is my version of Some Kind of Zucchini Side Dish-

Zucchini slices, cooked in a little olive oil and fennel seeds(either atop stove or grill)

When cooked to your liking, transfer to a serving plate and top with pesto sauce(which I made with walnuts and had in the refrigerator), a sprinkling of feta cheese, and some kalamata olives.


Happy eating!  Happy Weekend!