My lavender is going a little crazy, so I had to bring some in!  I must say that the fragrance is intoxicating.  Lavender is believed to have a calming effect, which I very much appreciate.  It’s easy to dry lavender and make sachets.  Once we stayed at a Bed and Breakfast, and they placed little sprigs of lavender tied with ribbons on our pillows.

I also read that if you dry some lavender, place it in a paper bag to keep, then throw it in your fireplace in the winter, it will perfume the air and bring thoughts of summer to mind.

I placed some in a “vase.”  It is really a whiskey bottle from the 1920’s, which I found in a very dirty condition at a second-hand store.  Once cleaned up(a little elbow grease and a couple of rides through the dishwasher), it made a lovely vase for lavender.

photo (60)Keep calm!  Get your lavender on!




Before Wenz Day is over…

DIY in progress at Town Mouse House – I am trying to give our Laundry/Mud Room a face lift.  Stage One is underway.  I am painting the stair railing.  What?  Paint wood?  YES!  It must coordinate with the wrought iron railing in the front part of the house, which is black and white(pardon the sneakers):

photo 2 (26)


Now the wood railing(this is what it looks like on wash day):

photo 4 (15)


photo 2 (29)

Won’t that look better with a fresh coat of paint?  Here it is with a coat of primer:

photo 2 (25)photo 1 (25)


The other things to do in here include painting the walls and trim and devising a better system for organization.

To be continued….

As a bonus, here is this year’s picture of the gorgeous waterfall up by Country Mouse House:

image (34)


Hope you are having a lovely summer and getting a few projects done!


What’s been going on…

Since y’all know of our losses this year, we are just trying to take life day by day.  I love the sunshine, but I seem to over-heat when I am out in it too long, so as a result, the garden is starting to look a bit shaggy.

I have so many pending projects indoors, too.  Besides rooms to paint, all kinds of things to fix, caulk, maintain, etc., I am teaching myself to crochet.  I once had a basic knowledge of crochet that grew quite rusty over time.  My Mom left behind numerous crochet hooks, skeins/balls of yarn, as well as knitting needles.  She knew how to sew, knit, crochet, and embroider.  She was very creative and loved pretty colors.  Her flower garden was gorgeous.  She used to cut flowers and bring them in to display in vases.  I guess I inherited her love of flowers and gardens!

She taught me to sew, among many other things.  She tried with the crocheting and knitting, but I was less interested.  Now, however, I wish I could have her coach me and answer my questions!  At the moment, I’ve created a simple project.  I just replaced old, worn out window-shades with simple, white, sailcloth curtains at Country Mouse House.  I need tie-backs, so I am crocheting them!

photo (53)

I have to make 14 of them because there are, obviously, 7 windows and 2 panels per window.  If you know how to crochet(and you want to do this in your home), I simply start with a chain of about 20, then go back and single crochet through 9 or so(sorry this isn’t exact science, but I am still quite the beginner!), connecting the ends to form the loop.  Then I just single crochet for around 20-21 rows.  After that, I make another chain stitch for 11-12 and connect with a single crochet at the other end.  If you don’t crochet and you would like to do this, might I suggest:

I have found this book to be a big help!

Meanwhile, back in the Town Mouse Garden:

image (65)

image (64)

photo (55)

Truthfully, these were taken a couple of weeks ago.  I just didn’t post them right away.  (That’s why the garden doesn’t look so shaggy yet in these photos.)

I’ll have to give the Country Mouse/Vegetable Garden update soon.  Great food is growin’!

And here is our best buddy, Finn, since he got a heat-relieving hair cut!

image (66)

And for an action shot(had to get the scratch!)

photo (56)

I think he feels so much better now when he goes outside…..and since he is a doggie, he HAS to go outside rather often!

Stay cool and enjoy your day!