Happy  Day!!

During a trip to Winterthur, in Delaware two years ago, I was able to pick up one of these primrose plants:

image (57)

Little did I know that it would multiply to this extent in but a mere two years!  Here they are a little bit closer:

photo (51)

I absolutely love primroses!  I haven’t been able to grow a whole lot of different varieties of them, but there are so many.  One of the gardeners I’ve most admired throughout time is Tasha Tudor.  She was a primrose lover, too, so much so that I believe she was a member of the American Primrose Society.

Look up more about Tasha Tudor.  If you love gardens of any kind, and if you love old-fashioned ways, you will love learning about her.  A gifted artist, she wrote and illustrated numerous books.   I have a few that she wrote, but one of my favorite books is a book about her with gorgeous photographs of her gardens:

If you are looking for a book for summer, think about this one.   It is absolutely beautiful.
In blessed memory of  Tasha Tudor.