So much is going on – as is the case with everyone, it seems lately.  Getting ready to move Child #1 to new dwelling this weekend.  Oh dear.  This is bittersweet.  While we are so very proud, and happy for said Child, we will be missing this person more than I can put into words.

Meanwhile, our toilet on the main floor went kaput last week.  I am so proud of Joel.  He fixed it!  I only played a small, supporting role in our Plumbing Reality Series, so the credit really goes to him!  The reason I am making such a fuss is that Joel is not usually known for having any sort of plumbing expertise.  This was, and still is quite a big deal here in Town Mouse House:

photo (47)


This next photo had my nerves on edge…..


image (47)


Take a look at the part below.  That part was very difficult to get off the bottom of the tank.  The wrench that was provided with the replacement part was made of plastic, and just didn’t seem to have a good grip on it.


image (48)But we were able to remove it by securing a rubber band around the bolt(see it below):

image (49)


The wrench was able to “get a grip” and all was well.  As for the remaining stuff, well, Joel went online and studied the tutorials.  This is not the first time this part needed replacing, and now the manufacturer does not even sell it in its former form.  The reason(they told me at the plumbing supply store) is that the previous part was not very well-constructed.  Now we can get our lives back “In Order!”  Here is the newly equipped inside of the tank.  Pretty, huh?

image (44)


And here is the commode back in flushing order!

photo (46)image (46)

And here is the sign on the top:



Sing it like Neil Diamond…..

Hope your plumbing works well today!