Right now, one child is getting ready to move out, and one just recently moved back in.  Oldest got a job which provides an apartment – sweet deal!  In the meantime, all horsie accessories are getting the spit-shine in hopes to be used or sold.  Everything is everywhere.

Second oldest finished Sophomore year of college.  Stuff is in bins, awaiting storage, cleaning, sorting and/or organization.  My living room is looking like an episode of “Hoarding, Buried Alive.”  Everything is everywhere.

And here is what Finn has to say about that:

photo (40)


Doesn’t he look like he’s thinking, “Really?  What is all this and where did it come from anyway?”

So here is full disclosure.  Yes my living room really looks like this!

image (31) image (32) image (33)


It can’t be helped right now.  Sometimes we just have to go with the flow….Add an “er” to that word….I like it!  Go with the flower……Gardening soon- now is a good time to buy a few annuals to brighten the landscape and bring in a little color.

I’m looking forward to some serenity.  Here is a beautiful waterfall near Country Mouse House and I think the photo speaks for itself:

image (34)

Enjoy the weekend!  More to follow…