Well, at still-freezing temperatures, it isn’t looking too good for this gardener to get started.  I brought my little greenhouse into Town Mouse House, only to discover that all my seeds are in the fridge up at Country Mouse House!  Grrrrr…….

So much for being organized.

At any rate, I wanted to post something since I have not in awhile.  Things are, as many of you know, still rather all-consuming in Wenz World at this time.  As with any stressful time in life, I know “this too shall pass,” but I still need to devote much time and energy to situations at hand.

Meanwhile, the Big Gig is tomorrow night!  Led Zeppelin tribute!  After that, I am going to put my energies back into plants…..I wonder if may passion for gardening was “planted” because of the man, Robert PLANT, himself?  I know, corny, right?  Sorry for the garden puns, I just can’t help myself sometimes……

There is much to be said, though, for working in and among the earth.  ‘Tis very therapeutic.

Sorry, no pics this time.  Hopefully next week.  The crocus’ came up, but it remains to be seen what will happen next.  I think I caught a glimpse of daffodil shoots…..:)

Have a lovely day!  Even though it is freezing and windy, the sun is shining!  That is good news!