Sorry for the lapse in posting.  Unexpectedly and rather suddenly, my Mother passed away.  We are still sorting it out.  The good news is that she had no prolonged suffering and lived to the age of 86.  The other good news is that we are a very close, strong family and support each other through every crisis.  So many people loved my Mom and she will be missed terribly.

At her Memorial Service, there were not enough seats in the chapel so they brought in extra chairs.  That wasn’t enough, either, so there were many people left to stand in the back.  She touched so many lives and made every person that she met feel important.

She would be the person I would want to call and talk to right now.  Every petite, white-haired lady I glimpse makes my heart skip a beat.   I am thankful that she has joined the love of her life, my father, and that they are at peace together in heaven.

Her wish – “Go out and celebrate my life with joy – no rancor, please – be not sad.”

I will always love you, Mom.