Well, just when we were enjoying a break in the cold, snowy weather…..here we go again!  The snow was predicted to begin at noon today, but it has been going strong since 8 this morning, and it is sticking on the ground, yada yada yada….

So, what do we Seasoned Storm Survivors do?  We make sure we get to the grocery store as soon as it opens so they will still be stocked with milk and bread.  We get any last-minute errands taken care of (as if this will be the last chance to do it in our lifetime!).  For me, this meant dropping off a package with an item to return at the UPS store.  Thankfully, it was a couple of storefronts down from the grocery store, so that made it relatively painless.  Next, the bank – we know that a power failure could affect the use of ATM’s, so have a little cash on hand.  And, finally, the gas station – make sure the tank is full, or at LEAST half-full.  Post-Sandy gas lines are still fresh in my mind, anyway.  Have the car backed into the driveway to facilitate a quick exit, if necessary, and if the car is going to be sitting outside, pop the windshield wipers up off the windshield.  Keep the cell phone charged.

When Joel gets in, he’ll fire up the snowblower and make sure our little portable generator is accessible – JUST IN CASE!

Here is my backyard as of 1 p.m.:

photo (29)

We probably should have covered up the patio furniture.  Whoops.

And here is what Finn has to say about it:

image (16)

Well, that settles it, then!  It’s a great day to do a little bit of organizing.  Here is my spice cupboard (not too bad, but not too good, either):

photo 2 (9)

Here is a closer look at just the 2 bottom shelves:

photo 1 (9)


I wanted to swap out the 2 bottom shelves because I’m not very tall, and I use a lot of herbs and spices when I cook.  I need them to be on the lowest shelf simply because I need to reach them.

I cleared out the very bottom shelf first:

photo 2 (7)

photo 3 (5)

(It helps to keep a table or other large surface free and clear for this purpose.)

Putting it all back together:

photo 3 (6)

It looks much better now, I think.  Don’t you?  I am going to start digging into other areas.  Then it will be time for a hot cup of tea.  Stay warm and dry today.  Enjoy!


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