Everywhere I turn I see promotions for getting organized this month.  It makes perfect sense – January marks new beginning.  I don’t know about any of you, but I find myself astonished at how much disarray exists in my house after the holidays!  I thought I had put away all the decorations, but every day I find one more little jingle bell or Santa Claus.  And I didn’t even put out ALL the decorations  this year!  We were traveling a lot, so it just didn’t make any sense to have an over-decorated house for no one to enjoy.

I have a number of organizing projects I must either embark on, continue with, or complete.  One such project is the Paper Avalanche.  I like to start the new year by getting rid of my tax files from 8 years ago(since we only have to keep 7 years’ worth).  I keep the statements going back indefinitely, but the 8-year-old-or-older paper and crud that accompanies the statements can go to The Shredder. (play the theme song from “Jaws” for dramatic effect)

photo (22)

It helps to spread everything out on the dining room table, purge, sort, and then organize what’s left.  Here is my desk area in the kitchen:

photo (21)

Ugh.  What a mess.  The brown desk-top file on the dining room table belongs on the left corner of the desk.  I had to remove it to work properly.  It is still a work in progress – updates to follow!  For now, here is a more orderly part of my kitchen/office area:

photo (25)

Check out Finn sleeping next to the cabinet.  When I sit at my desk he sometimes puts his head on my foot.  Now, for the INSIDE of the cabinet:

photo (24)

These file boxes came from The Container Store and can be found here.  I have had them for about 14 years.  I have only had to replace one of them, the “Banking/Financial” box, because it gets pulled in and out the most, so it got ratty after about 10 years.  I keep my checkbook and bills to-be-paid in that file.  The other file boxes are in wonderful condition because they aren’t moved around too much.  Here are my labels up close:

image (15)

image (14)

image (13)

image (12)

image (11)

photo (26)

The labels were made with my basic P-Touch label maker by Brother.  They are sold at Staples.

Anybody doing any organizing this month?  What kinds of projects have you been working on?


2 thoughts on “January Organization

  1. I’m working on organizing my desk too! Scott is reorganizing his CD collection, and we’re both anticipating rearranging our bedroom furniture to make it more comfortable/livable. Organization is so important in our small NY apartment.

    1. I know what you mean – efficiency is key in a small space! When things are organized, I find that a feeling of calm prevails. I’d love to see your progress! 🙂

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