We have a pocket door in Town Mouse House.  It separates the kitchen from the family room.  A piece broke off of the “pull,” which we needed in order for the door to fully function.

photo 4photo 1 (4)

Although I am aware that “Open Concept” floor plans are the “bomb” right now, I happen to prefer that there be some separation between rooms in a house.  It is especially useful when family members multiply.  If everything is out in the open, then the whole house has to stay pristine at all times…..OR people have nowhere to escape!  It’s probably easy for me to say, because my children are no longer little tots.  I suppose the Open Floor Plan is useful when one has to keep an eye on the tiny mischief-makers.  I happen to have a rather large, eat-in kitchen.  When the kids were small I was able to barricade them in the kitchen with me via a Dutch door, a safety gate, and our pocket door.  The kitchen adjoins a laundry room, via the Dutch door, so it made things very convenient, since I spent the majority of my days in those two rooms while children were growing.  But back to the pocket door – I looked online and found this:

Here is the link for purchase at Home Depot.

You see, I thought this was going to be a time-consuming, complicated repair.  It was literally five minutes tops!  I merely unscrewed the two screws on either side farthest away from the door’s edge.


photo 3 (2)

As you can see, it is that shiny, brass-plate that is very hard to clean and keep scratch-free.


image (9)

The new “Passage Pull” popped right on!  Well, I had to gently tap it with a hammer after protecting it with a medium-thick cloth.  It was a snug fit.  The only other tool I had to use was a Phillips-head screwdriver.


image (10)

I love how it looks!  The Oil-Rubbed Bronze is more practical than the shinier finishes.  I believe it will be easier to maintain and keep clean. Now I have to put a fresh coat of paint on the door:

photo (20)

I am in the process of re-painting the trim throughout the house in White Dove Benjamin Moore.

Do you have little projects?  Now is a good time to get them started!  It is very gratifying to have done this myself.  The price was right-only $12.00 plus tax and five minutes of my time.  I will continue to forge ahead with the Home and Garden beautification process, and take you along for the ride as I go.

Stay dry today – it’s pretty rainy.  And happy birthday, YOU-KNOW-WHO!