I can get a little plant-life in even though it is Winter…..and I might add that it does not FEEL like Winter at this very moment.  Mind you, I am not complaining.  We had a small taste of snow, and how quickly it becomes tiresome.  Planning ahead makes all the difference when one MUST go somewhere in the horrible weather.  But I am off on a tangent…..

I love poinsettias.  But alas, they are not pet-friendly plants.  I think it is particularly worrisome if you have a cat.  Cats can jump and climb and sample all kinds of vegetation.  Dogs (well, depending on the dog, I suppose) generally can’t get up to the high spots in a house.  Still, if the plants drop petals or leaves, that’s not so good if a curious canine comes around.

Members of my church order poinsettias every year at Christmas time.  They are placed at the altar, as well as in windowsills, and all around the sanctuary.  Here are the ones at the altar this year:


At home, I have 4 tiny ones in my kitchen window.  It is far away and up high enough from Finn, just in case he gets any bright ideas.  (Finn has a voracious appetite for just about anything)  Also, if they drop petals, the sink ought to catch them.  They are sparkly and glittery!  I got them at Trader Joe’s:

image (8)

How about that bubble-glass-pendant light?  That came from the “Young House Love” collection from “Shades of Light.”

I probably won’t post again until after the holidays.  We have a lot going on, as I’m sure all of you do, too.  I treasure the time spent with family, and having all my kids home for Christmas is wonderful.  May you have wonderful holidays and family time.  Treasure making the memories.

….until 2014!