“Memories…..like the corners of my mind….”

In 2011, Irene hit mercilessly. We, thankfully, were spared a great deal. Since we are quite far uphill, the farm was relatively unscathed but for a wee bit of flooding and the loss of one tree. No complaints here. Many still are not “out-of-the-woods,” so to speak.

Then, in 2012, Sandy was upon us. This time, again, we were spared a great deal. Knowing what so many people close to us had to endure, and are still enduring, I shall not ever complain about our VERY MINOR and TEMPORARY inconveniences!

I would like to share some pictures, though. Sandy, strangely enough, got a barn roof and wrangled it until it surrendered and blew off.  Here are a few of the pieces:


Now, here is Farmer Joel and our helper/child working on the repairs:


More photos:


Thankfully, he got it nailed back up and it withstood last winter.  Hopefully it will get through a few more before it needs to be replaced altogether.

These photos bring back my nervous-wreck feeling.  See how gray it is outside?  It was raining.  In the last photo, look at how his foot is braced to keep him from sliding clean off the roof!  Thankfully, again, even if he did fall, it was “only” one story and it would have been a soft(muddy) landing.  But no falling and no worries.  Phew!

Be careful out there.  Today it’s so cold it’s downright icy.  Take your time!  I’m not going anywhere unless I absolutely must.  Holiday shopping can either wait or be done online.