I’ve been looking at chandeliers to replace the one in my dining room.  Here is what I have now:


This was installed in 1997 or 1998, I believe.  These days the brass-plate is looking a bit “dated,” ahem!  Maybe we should be doing this with it:



(Do not try that at home!)

Well, since I have nothing better to do(that was sarcasm), I have begun the Chandelier Journey.  Here are some I’ve been looking at:

Restoration Hardware Chandelier #1

Lamps Plus Chandelier

Both of these chandeliers have characteristics similar to the one I already have.  The styles are very close.  It’s just the FINISH!  Ew!  So…I looked around to see if it would be possible to paint the chandelier I already have.  It turns out that, yes, it is possible!

Chalk Painting a brass chandelier

I followed the instructions and used the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and wax.  I used “Paris Gray” paint, and the clear wax.  The clear wax didn’t add enough depth for my liking, so I ended up using a Minwax stain in “Ebony.”  I just rubbed it on and rubbed it off to leave a more textured appearance.  I did not take the chandelier down from the ceiling.  Instead, I got up on a ladder and taped it off.  I removed the “candles” and cleaned them before placing them back on.

It worked out so well, I decided to do my vestibule fixture, too.  It has the brass finish and some crystals dangling.  Stay tuned for that finished product!

Meanwhile, the only thing I have left to do on the dining room fixture is sew a cover for the hanging chain.

Here is the beginning of the paint.(I only had to wash the chandelier and take the bulbs out – no sanding involved.)


As you can see, I realized I needed to use painter’s tape:

CIMG2491  Then I realized I had to take out the bulbs and the little “candles.”  I don’t have a picture of this.  Oh well.  Here are a couple of “Befores” and “Afters”:


image (2)


image (4)

And lit up – BEFORE:

image (1)


image (5)

You can see how I didn’t really focus on the chain so much because it will be covered by fabric.

This really saved a bundle, plus it is in keeping with the French Country style furniture I have in the dining room.  (There is also an American Hoosier cabinet in there which I love, but it still works because it is country)

Stay warm and dry today!  Here is what it is doing outside at Town Mouse House:Enjoy this wonderful winter day!



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