Chapter One – “To Paint or Not To Paint”

Here is a picture of the front door at Country Mouse House:


I believe that the paint that is on there is the original paint.  We added the deadbolt, but the key hole just below the knob still functions(both indoors and out), and we actually have that key and use it!

Over time, settling has occurred.  The door looks a little crooked, but then, that’s because it IS crooked!  (So is the house.)

A friend suggested washing it as best as we can, then maybe just a coat of varnish to seal it and preserve the “character”…..that’s the word we use a lot when our home is older than we ourselves are!

I want to call Nicole Curtis and ask her advice!  What do you think?

(Note – I have removed part of this post since we have moved our “Town Mouse” residence.  There will be more posts about changes to “Country Mouse” house soon)


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