Time to organize!   This is not exactly related to gardening, but it is related to the home.  I have been meaning to organize my linen closet in Town Mouse House for quite some time now.  It’s FINALLY DONE!  Hurray!

Before: (taken with some sense of top to bottom)

CIMG2361 CIMG2362 CIMG2363 CIMG2364 CIMG2365

As you can see, I made some attempts in the past to get it under control, only to find it heading in a downward spiral over the years.

I was able to do this without spending money, which is always a plus.  I had these black baskets from a previously organized video game cabinet.  The games were sold on Ebay, so the baskets were empty.  I happened to already have the clothes pins on hand, as well as the black card stock and the Martha Stewart Labels (originally purchased for a previous project at Staples).


DSC02224 DSC02225 DSC02226  DSC02228

Prior to re-organizing, I painted the whole inside of the closet a fresh, bright white.  It wasn’t a drastic change, but it sure made it feel cleaner.

Here is the Before and After side-by-side:



Maybe I can do this with my gardening supplies!  The possibilities are endless….

Have an orderly day!