Summer is the time to read a little bit more, hopefully.  Now that it is the Fall, I appreciate being able to read whenever possible.  My favorite books are of the “How-To….” variety, however.  Here is one that is a little of both.  It is non-fiction, but it is not at all dry or boring.  A family makes a commitment to live off  food that is locally grown, either by themselves or others, for a period of one year.  One of my favorite chapters talks about raising turkeys, as there was little information available to the author, Barbara Kingsolver, at the time the book was written.  She handles every topic with sensitivity and humor.   It is available from Amazon:

This next book isn’t exactly something that one would sit down and read cover-to-cover, necessarily(well, I would).  I have to include it, though, because it has helped me be a better gardener in so many ways.  There are numerous recipes for Jerry Baker’s so-called “Terrific Garden Tonics,” which Joel calls my “Potions.”  The ingredients are mostly things that people have on hand in their homes, like dish detergent.  It is in a very simple-to-use format.  Also available from Amazon:


For when you are having trouble sleeping:


There are so many others, maybe I will do a post about them another day.  These are 3 good ones to get started on though.  Reading is a great “Off-Season” activity, too, as we store up knowledge to use during the growing season!

Hope you find the time to do some reading!