I realized I needed to update the status of the big old Castor Plant.  I’m about 5′ 1 1/2″ tall, and I am standing uphill of the plant in this picture(Finn doesn’t usually like being held, but he reluctantly obliged this time):

photo (14)

Do you see the sunflowers on the left?  Ridiculous!

Here are some of the Autumn blossoms at Town Mouse House-




And one of my favorite flowers of all time, the MONTAUK DAISY:


And finally, I’m getting the tail-end of a THIRD bloom on this red rose bush, and I love the way the white “wildflower” in the background gives it contrast.  Joel asked me if I was going to pull out the “weed,” (ahem) and I told him I thought I would leave it a bit longer because it just looks so darn pretty:


This time of year, things in the garden feel bitter-sweet.  I love it as the weather turns a little bit cooler(exception being this week, of course).  The plants have reached their most jungle-like gangly potential.  We are starting to trim back, clean up, and wipe the slate clean to plan for next year.  But not so fast!  I don’t want to wish this beautiful time away.  It passes much to quickly.  Soon I will post some more of Autumn’s splendor, but for now, have a beautiful weekend!

With gratitude and love,