Phew!  Apples and apples and apples and MORE apples!!!  I don’t even know how many….They are not the pretty, perfect-looking kind like in the grocery store, but that’s because they are all-natural, organically grown.  The only thing we did to the trees this year was prune them.  Here are some of them:


And here are some more….(the ones in the foreground I’ve cored, obviously):


Soooo…..I baked a grand total of 7 pies today.  One was 10-inches round and the remaining 6 were 5 inches round.  I’m pie-d out.  Here are the 6 small ones:

Apple pies

I had a little extra dough, so I made a weird, “funky pie.”  It’s really a turnover gone wrong:

Funky pie

(but it still tasted real good!)

Meanwhile, this photo of Mrs. Lovett kind of describes how I feel right now:

Mrs. Lovett


And yet, she still finds the energy to sing and dance.  Go figure!


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