I am still without my camera, and the small, computer-like device on which photos are taken in other circumstances keeps ending up elsewhere.  (Hopefully not hidden by ferrets)

I have projects on the horizon to share!  Since the temperature keeps dropping, I will be moving onto indoor projects soon!  As an update, though, I picked a total of 8 pumpkins and removed the vines(scraped up my arms in the process).  The apples were not quite ready, but maybe within a week or so.  I only picked a few of those (had one in my oatmeal this morning).  There are still tomatoes, which are partially shielded from the elements with plastic.  I managed to pick most of the remaining vegetables, but the Brussels sprouts and Swiss Chard are not ready  yet.

I managed to find a few photos I took with my phone……




Here is one of the sunflowers:


I read somewhere that the Native Americans planted pumpkins alongside corn and sunflowers, so that the vines could climb up the stalks.  I still needed to use trellis-like contraptions, but it’s the thought that counts!

A very happy birthday to my beloved husband!