As is the case with many-a-gardener this time of year, I am seeing more than my fair share of squash.  It is definitely a mixed blessing!



I happen to love squash, but other than my usual uses:

1- Slicing raw and tossing into a salad.

2- Stirring in skillet with a little olive oil and/or butter with salt, pepper, and garlic or onion.

3- Giving away to family and friends.

I am a little bit at a loss for creative ways to use this up.  I found a cool-looking recipe which I think I will try:

Summer Squash Bread

Probably similar to zucchini bread or carrot cake.  I hope it’s good!  If anyone has a new way to use Summer Squash, I am open to ideas!

Have a brilliant day!


4 thoughts on “Squashed

  1. My favorite one this summer was a squash lasagna recipe that my wife made. It was like a normal lasagna, but had sliced up squash instead of noodles. She sliced and baked the squash for a little bit to pull some of the moisture out so that the whole thing wasn’t so soupy. It was REALLY good.

    I also like to saute it in a pan with some butter and Louisiana hot suace.

  2. I tried that squash bread recipe–it is delicious! Sort of like pumpkin bread but with a lighter flavor. I made two batches in a loaf pan (instead of the 9×13), and brought one to work today. It’s almost gone, so people seem to like it.

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