I realized that I hadn’t shown any pictures of what the garden looked like in early spring of this year, BEFORE all the goodness got growing!

Here is one perspective:


The tree in the background on the right side is a crabapple.  Here is one that shows the beginnings of my little bean teepee:

IMG_20130526_122515_218You can also see some of the irrigation hoses.  Putting those in was a fun day!  Actually, for all the aggravation, it was so worth it.  I have peace of mind when it comes to watering.

Here is a shot of our “covered wagon” experiment.  It worked out well because I put some tomatoes(plus celery, etc) in about a week before Memorial Day weekend.  The temperature did drop and freeze a time or two before it got nice and hot in June.  Covering these supports with plastic sheeting(held down with bricks) protected the tomato plants.


And I just had to snap one of Farmer Joel(taken right before we built the covered wagon support)!  He was the one who pushed to have this BIG GARDEN, after all!


A “Before” and “After” comparison —





Actually, the above was more like a “During…”  Take a look now:


The sunflowers are over 8 feet tall now.  No blooms yet, but soon!

Just for fun, here is our beloved Finn with his precious Frisbee:


See how he actually smiles?  🙂

Happy Day!