We have this item we purchased quite some time ago called a “Weather Stick”.  Supposedly, it is an ancient way of  letting us know what the weather will be like. It is made of balsam fir or birch.  I bought it just for fun several years ago in a local shop benefitting the Humane Society.  We could not believe how well it works.  The history of the Weather Stick is: http://www.theweatherstick.com/weather-stick-history.html Joel likes to call it the “Happy Stick.”  When it is “happy,” it points up.  This, of course, means that the sun is shining, or the weather is otherwise rather nice. CIMG2247





If  you look at the clouds in the background, you can see how quickly the “happy” stick becomes “sad.”


photo (9)                                                                    CIMG2199 Most people are skeptical, but it really works!  We don’t know how or why, but it just does.  (We placed it next to the thermometer for the full report, though)

Have a “Happy Stick” kind of day!