Here’s Part 2 of “I-Don’t-Know-How-Many-Parts of the Vegetable Post”.  Here is one photo of the vegetable garden in the daytime:

Vegetable Garden July 14, 2013That’s my cute little farm house in the background.  🙂  Now, in the lower left corner, you can see eggplant leaves.  Putting cayenne pepper on the leaves has helped reduce the amount being chewed by some kind of bug.  I noticed that a Japanese beetle or two might just like spice, though!  Just to the right of the eggplant is arugula, which has started to bolt.  That’s okay, the leaves are still good to eat, and I will save the seeds for next year.  On the other side of the eggplant(which is not in the picture) are pole beans with all sorts of pretty-colored flowers.  Here is one:

Purple bean flower

Still on the left in the next box is green kale, purple kale, broccoli, onions, chives and Brussels sprouts.  I just put in some beet seeds and they are coming in well.  Also in this box by the arbor is a tiny Concord grape(that will hopefully climb the arbor over time)and I planted hyssop next to it.  I read that grapes and hyssop do well together.  This is my first try with hyssop and it has tripled in size since I brought home the scrawny little plant.  I don’t know how I will use it.  Has anyone used hyssop in anything?  I read somewhere it can flavor stews real well.

Behind that box are sunflowers(also with leaves getting chewed up), my one zucchini(shhh!), and pumpkins.  I put nasturtiums in that box because they are supposed to do well with the squash family.  So far so good.  I also stuck some Swiss Chard seeds in there and they have started coming in.

The upper right corner contains yellow squash, butter crunch lettuce, cucumbers, and some radishes that I have let bolt.  The radishes are supposed to be protective of the cucumbers.  It seems to be true, because the radish leaves are all chewed up but so far the cukes seem to be okay.

The box with the covered wagon frame is the home of 5 different tomato plants, and we’ve already eaten a few of the Early Girls.  We also have celery, sugar snap peas, carrots, green peppers, one hot pepper (red peppers are not doing great), basil, spinach, chamomile, and a flower starting to climb up the arbor called “Cardinal Climber”:

Cardinal Climber 7-13

The last box contains mostly beans, potatoes and onions.  There are a couple of mint plants, nasturtiums, marigolds, and some lettuce seedlings(for when I’ve picked all the other lettuce.)

A view of the arbor, taken last month, in the evening:

photo (11)Those solar mason jar lights are just the coolest!     I have seen them in Home Depot as well as in Tractor Supply Co. 

Here is the box with the tomatoes, etc. from a different angle.  The peas are climbing on the fake windmill.


There will be more vegetable updates to come!  As well as other garden areas…..this year we got the apple trees pruned and they are COVERED with apples!  I am going to be baking and canning up a storm!  🙂

Have a delicious day!


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