Hello everyone!  Here is my post for this very happy Thursday –

For the last 7 1/2 years, this cellar door has bothered me:


As you can see, it is in pretty rough shape.  The helpful man at the hardware store suggested cleaning it very gently by painting on a solution with a paintbrush, then rinsing with a hose. (We ended up squirting it a little bit with the power washer anyway) Here is the work in progress:


And, after the clean door dried….


I decided, thanks to “Rehab Addict,” Nicole Curtis, that I could remove the rusty hardware and transform that, too.

In case you haven’t seen Nicole in action, she is on both the DIY Network and HGTV.   She is amazing – she likes to preserve the character of older homes…..right up my alley…so here is the hardware in question:


Ugh!  As that soaked, I got ready to stain the door.  I used Olympic brand stain, but the color is “Lemon Meringue,” by Benjamin Moore(2023-50).   The Hardware-Store-Man is basically a magician, as far as I’m concerned.  I think we owe him a cup of coffee.  The stain is an opaque version, since there were so many flaws to cover!  AND….it was on sale and they gave out a rebate coupon.  😉


That’s a rock holding the newspaper corner down, in case you were wondering.  And now let the staining begin!


Time for the second coat and the freshly painted(sprayed with black Rust-Oleum) hardware:


I must thank my special helper, Finn –


He keeps me from getting too serious.  Notice the peonies in the background?   Another source of wonder and of joy!  There are more peony pictures just waiting to be posted in the near future.

Here is the “Official” BEFORE and AFTER comparison:





Note the rambling rose on the right side.

Feeling MUCH better about that door!  Have a beautiful day, in any weather!

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  1. Wendy
    Your home looks beautiful, Liz told me about a summer place you and Joel have.
    Is it up state N,Y,? whatever, its my kind of place :))))

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